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people with positive qualities

آدم پر تحرک a live wire

a: our boss surprises me. he's in his fifties, but he's full of pep. he's always

on the go

b: yeah. he 's a real live wire

full of pep: energetic

pep: energy and enthusiasm

در حال حرکت و فعالیت on the go: to be very active and busy

خوش مشرب، خوش صحبت good company

my grandmother is such an amusing person. you never get bored when you

talk to her. she 's good company

آدم بلند پرواز a high-flier

she is a high-flier: she is ambitious

دلرحم، رئوف soft-hearted

he's not as serious as he looks. he's pretty soft-hearted underneath that

serious appearance

آدم زودجوش و اجتماعی a good mixer

my brother's very friendly. he enjoys people's company. he's such a good


a good mixer: a person who is sociable

از مصاحبت دیگران لذت می برد. he enjoys people's company


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.what the learner says

1- عذر می خوام که دیر آمدم

i’m sorry i’m late. i’m sorry for being late.

2- متأسفانه ناچارم جلسه بعد غیبت کنم.

i’m sorry but i have to miss the next session.

3- ببخشید من (درس را) متوجه نمی شوم.

i’m sorry i don’t get it.

4- خیلی متأسفم، تکلیفم را انجام نداده ام.

i’m awfully sorry but i haven’t done my homework/ ignment.

5- کارم تمام شد. (پس از انجام دادن تمرین می گویند)

i’m done.

6- متأسفم تمرینم را در منزل جا گذاشته ام.

i’m afraid i’ve left my homework at home.

7- صفحه 20 هستیم.

we’re on page 20.

8- کتاب تمارین را تا صفحه 15 انجام داده ایم.

we’ve done our workbook up to page 15.

9- من 15 دقیقه تأخیر داشتم. آیا برام غیبت زدید؟

i was 15 minutes late. did you mark me absent?

10- این کلاس به وقت من نمی خورد.

this cl doesn’t suit my time.

11- کلاس زبان با کلاس م همزمان است. (تداخل دارد)

my english cl coincides with my university cl .

12- نوک زبانم است.

it’s on the tip of my tongue.

13- زنگ خورده است.

the bell has gone.

14- اجازه هست بیام تو/ سوالی بپرسم؟

may i come in/ ask a question?

15- میشه اونو تکرار کنید؟

could you repeat it, please?

16- می تونم چند کلمه با شما صحبت کنم؟

can i have a word with you?

17- می شه بیشتر توضیح بدید؟

could you explain it a little more?

18- میشه بی زحمت روی تخته بنویسید؟

would you mind writing it on the board?

19- میشه نظرتان را راجع به انشاءام بدونم؟

can i have your opinion about my composition?

20- تکالیفم را الآن تحویل بدم؟

should i hand in my homework now?

21- بخوانم؟ / ادامه بدم؟

shall i read/ continue?

22- از پیشرفت من/ عملکرد کلاسی من راضی هستید؟

are you isfied with my progress/ cl performance

23- معنی couch potatoچیست؟

what does “couch potato” mean?

24- معادل انگلیسی "بیعرضه" چیست؟

what’s “بی عرضه” in english?

25- شما خیلی تند صحبت می کنید. میشه آهسته تر صحبت کنید؟

you’re speaking too fast. will you slow down please?

26- برای جلسه بعد چه کاری باید انجام دهیم؟

what are we supposed to do for next session?

27- لطفا اسم مرا در لیست خود وارد کنید.

could you/ will you enter my name on your list?

28- ممکنه امروز کمی (10 دقیقه) زودتر کلاس رو ترک کنم.

could i leave the cl a little (10 minute) earlier, today?

29- می شه چند دقیقه اجازه مرخصی می دهید؟ (میشه چند دقیقه برم بیرون؟)

will you excuse me for a few minute?

30- میشه باقی کلاس رو مرخصم شم. (می تونم باقی کلاس رو برم؟)

will you excuse me for the rest of the cl ?

31- امکانش هست چند لحظه از حضورتون مرخص شم؟ (در جلسات رسمی)

may i be excused for a moment?

32- نمی تونم طبق برنامه امتحان بدم، چیکار باید م؟

i can’t take the exam as scheduled. what am i supposed to do?

33- مجبورم هفته دیگه سه جلسه غیبت کنم.

i have to miss three sessions next week.

34- بخاطر غیبت جلسه قبل متأسفم. مسافرت (کاری) بودم.

i’m sorry for being absent last session. i was on a (business) trip.


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the wind and the sun

once the wind and the sun had an argument. "i am stronger than you," said the wind. "no, you are not," said the sun. just at that moment they saw a traveler walking across the road. he was w ped in a shawl. the sun and the wind agreed that whoever could separate the traveller from his shawl was stronger. the wind took the first turn. he blew with all his might to tear the traveller’s shawl from his shoulders. but the harder he blew, the tighter the traveller gripped the shawl to his body. the struggle went on till the wind’s turn was over. now it was the sun’s turn. the sun smiled warmly. the traveller felt the warmth of the smiling sun. soon he let the shawl fall open. the sun’s smile grew warmer and warmer... ter and ter. now the traveller no longer needed his shawl. he took it off and dropped it on the ground. the sun was declared stronger than the wind

moral: brute force can’t achieve what a gentle smile can


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